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May 4, 2015


There are so may beautiful landmarks, cafes, districts and boutiques to visit in Paris. Here is a list of some of my favourites.

Canal St-Martin – The Parisians like to hang out here and have picque-niques in the evenings. So, if the weather is nice enough grab yourself a beer or some wine and find a spot. It is a lovely area to wander around and people watch. This is the place where Amelie skims stones on the canal locks.

The Arc de Triomphe – Best visited by night. The views of ‘the city of lights’ are absolutely spectacular. After walking up what feels like thousands of steps on a dark and musty, winding spiral staircase the moment the view hits you is like WOW, breath-taking. It is a romantic place to watch The Eiffel Tower twinkle in the evening.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery –This cemetery is possibly my favourite place to visit in Paris, the thought of it may send shivers down your spine but hear me out. There are miles of ornate monuments, tombs and statues shaded by giant oak trees – it looks like a film set. Reading the tombstones on the elaborate graves is fascinating, Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaf are both buried here along with countless other historical figures.  Have you seen Paris, je t’aime (omg I love it)? One of the shorts is filmed here.

The Pompidou Centre – This is a huge modern art gallery. A friend of mine who lived in Paris for years gave me some sage advice ‘if you do nothing else, go in, get the escalator to the top and enjoy the view across the roofs of Paris’.

Marais  – My favourite area to eat, drink…and stay in for that matter. It is a really vibrant area with lots of independent restaurants and cool bars.


LedByLucy-Paris-Part2-image4Food and Drink –

–  Le Temps des Cerises  We have been back here time and again for the low-key, authentic atmosphere and fantastic food. The onion soup and crème brule are both favourites of mine and the wine list is great.

Comptoire de la gastronomie Mmmm this place is so good I want to go back there right now! Lots of duck, pate and cheese. The food is rich but delicious. It is inexpensive too.

–  Rue des Rosiers (street of the rosebushes) is the main Jewish street and has lots of great Falafel cafes which are mouth-wateringly delicious!

Ancienne Maison Gradelle Oh wow this place is fancy! It is perfect for a date night or classy cocktails with friends. Everything that you lay eyes on is beautiful, for example, the ornate iron floor was shipped in from Barcelona. The menu is all French and the bar tender raised his eyebrow when I pointed out my drink of choice, I just took a wild guess and it ended up being a mixture of lots of whiskeys in a decanter. Needless to say I enjoyed the rest of my evening!

If you have any recommendations for this magical city then please let me know, I love discovering new places to visit.

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