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July 29, 2015


After discovering airbnb I immediately started to use it for all of my holidays and never really looked back. For me, the beauty of traveling with airbnb is that you get an authentic feel for the destination and to experience the lifestyle of the locals. My Paris post goes into more details.

We recently relocated to Berlin and as our new home wasn’t available immediately, we planned on staying in an airbnb but actually ended up living in a hotel for a little while. After all of the packing, moving, donating and other time consuming tasks that re-locating involves, the pamper and ease of a serviced hotel got me like…



Given my appreciation of unique holiday experiences, I was really surprised to be quite so smitten with hotel living. Perks that I will 100% miss when I move into my own apartment include:

  • Daily fresh linen
  • Regular visits from the cleaning fairies (who now know that I love fruit tea and leave me extra)
  • Ginormous bed and six feather pillows (want more? Just dial 0 for reception)
  • Super-fast free Wi-Fi, endless hot water and complementary Elemiss toiletries
  • Crème brûlée on tap and anything else you want to order (day or night) from room service

LedByLucy-Hotel-Berlin (6)

LedByLucy-Hotel-Berlin (17)

A huge thank you to Park Plaza Berlin for the stay. You’ve spoiled me!

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July 23, 2015

LedByLucy-Chester-England (14)

Appreciating and savouring every experience in England became a priority as soon as we made the decision to move to Berlin. I always like to recognise and enjoy the little things but when you know that you wont be seeing something again for a while your senses seem heightened and you start to notice things that you had never even seen before. It is often the micro-pleasures that bring a smile to our faces and make the bigger picture what it is. England is such a beautiful country, I am so glad that my family home is here and I will be back and forth all of the time.

LedByLucy-Chester-England (19)

LedByLucy-Chester-England (17)

These photographs were taken where my Mum lives in Chester by the River Dee. I love the weeping willow trees that surround the bank. It might sound corny but they remind me of the Jolly Holiday scene in Mary Poppins. Do you remember it? The picture here might jog your memory.

In the words of ‘David After Dentist’, I sometimes find myself asking “Is this real life?”

LedByLucy-Chester-England (13)

LedByLucy-Chester-England (20)

LedByLucy-Chester-England (10)

Wearing: Accessorize Daisy Ring (similar)/ CRU Willow Weekender (use CRU15LBL20 for 20% discount for LedByLucy readers)/Crochet Crop Top (similar)/Vintage Blue Skirt/Crepe Bow (similar)

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