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Dipping My Toe Into The Water To Say Hello

February 11, 2018

Wow it’s been such a long while since I wrote here.

Nick and I got married in August. It was absolutely magical, not only the experience of the day which felt very powerful, but also effects of the transition into married life together.
It was such a beautifully tender and special time that I wanted to enjoy it all wholeheartedly and be totally present. I had this overwhelming urge to soak everything in and really let the impact of it all resonate. A little like when you strike a singing bowl, the sound just seems to continue on and on, and I wanted to listen to the whole thing.

So I just unconsciously took a pause from writing here and happened to slow down my posts on Instagram too, practically to a standstill in comparison to before. As time passed on I enjoyed the space. Last week I wrote an email to my friend and she reminded me how much I enjoy writing. So I decided to write this small note here, just dipping my toe into the water to say hello. It feels rather nice.

There is an article in Rock n Roll Bride Magazine here which is full of photographs and details from our wedding if you want to hear about it. I will come back here soon and tell you more.

Lot’s of love x