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August 12, 2015

LedByLucy-Ibiza-Purple-Dress (1)This was such a gorgeous date night. We headed down the steep and windy roads of Ibiza to Portinatx for dinner. The food and drinks were totally outshone by the glorious Ibiza sunset which we watched from our table. The island is famous for its magical sunsets, there are no big factories causing pollution, so the skies are clear and the views are stunning.

LedByLucy-Ibiza-Purple-Dress size

LedByLucy-Ibiza-SunsetMy bracelet was a gift from Nick for my birthday and I completely love it. It actually reminds me of something from Game of Thrones that Daenerys Targaryen might wear (in season one).
Ibiza purple dress

I hope that you guys are managing to see some beautiful sunsets this summer? Let me know your favourite place to watch the sun go down.
Wearing: H&M Purple Pencil Dress/River Island Cat Eye Sunglasses and HandbagSwarovski Azore Cuff Bracelet

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August 6, 2015

LedByLucy-Ibiza-Swim (6)Part two of my stay in Ibiza. We experienced a heat wave during our visit and so the pool and ocean were our saviours.

Ibiza has so many beautiful coves and beaches, our favourites included: Beneras for dancing as the sunsets on a Sunday whilest hippies play the bongos,  Es Vedra the mystical and magnetic rock and Portinatx the setting for some scenes in South Pacific, my favourite old movie.

LedByLucy-Ibiza-Swim (9)

LedByLucy-Ibiza-Swim (10)

LedByLucy-Ibiza-Swim (4)

LedByLucy-Ibiza-Swim (1)

LedByLucy-Ibiza-Swim (5)

Wearing: Scallop Trim Swimsuit From Topshop/ French Connection Triangle Necklace (similar)/ River Island Cat Eye Sunglasses

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June 2, 2015

LedByLucy-Ibiza-Brights (1) resizedLedByLucy-Ibiza-Brights (7)LedByLucy-Ibiza-Brights (6)LedByLucy-Ibiza-Brights (2)

Everything is so colourful and vibrant in Ibiza. The palm trees are vivid shades of green, the markets are bursting with vibrant fabrics and the sea is a deep turquoise. I visited with my parents when I was little and they bought me a bright orange, crochet flared trouser and crop top set from the hippie market.The coulours in this top reminded me of that outfit and seeing the hippies of Las Dalias for the first time.

The main objective of this trip was to take time away from work and relax. We hired a car and traveled all around experiencing as much as possible and chilling in as many places as possible. If you are visiting then I really recommend that you get a car. It gives you the freedom to explore, you can get from one side of the island to the other in half an hour and the most magical places are off the beaten track.LedByLucy-Ibiza-Brights (8)LedByLucy-Ibiza-Brights (3)LedByLucy-Ibiza-Brights (5)

Wearing: TopShop Double Row Open Circle Necklace / Cow Vintage Beach Bag / Levi Denim Hot Pants (simmilar)/ ASOS Rainbow Crochet Top
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September 15, 2016

I recently had to search through my back catalog of blogs. It was a lovely trip down memory lane and I enjoyed reminiscing about each post, what I was doing at the time and how things have changed since then. Being able to look back in this way is a wonderful perk of having a blog.

Here are some of my favourite OOTD posts since the inception of LedByLucy and the reasons why.

LedByLucy-Chester-England (14)Chester: Stopping To Smell The Roses This post and pictures remind me of deciding to make a huge leap of faith and move from the UK to Germany. It was a really exciting but also uncertain time as we didn’t know what to expect. Our lives changed a lot after this.LedByLucy-Poppy-ASOS-image6Poppy Print Outfit Of The Day Taken outside of Hotspur Press in Manchester, a pretty grubby industrial building which is steeped in history and charming in it’s own way. And yeah, I like the dress!

New #OOTD post set in #Ibiza featuring @topshop retro swimwear. Link to blog in bio. Ibiza In A Clamb Shell Holiday vibes!LedByLucy-Berlin-FashionTwinsies! OOTD With My Sister I pass this spot regularly and this image of my sister and I laughing together pops up in my mind every time. I actually have this picture framed in my spare room. We both live so far away from each other now that moments like this together are very precious.LedByLucy-Nhow-Berlin-BloggerNhow Berlin Review: A Sunny Lunch Date This is Berlin at its finest, with the sun shining! The Spree (the river in the background) is a landmark in Berlin that I love. If and when we ever decide to move away from Berlin, I know I will look back on photos like this and think of the good times.LedByLucy-January-Treats-image5LedByLucy-January-Treats-image6French Connection and Faux Fur The first post using my “proper” camera. Up until this point I had been admiring other people’s blogs and occasionally creating my own posts using an i-phone. It was a pricey purchase but totally worth it, it makes the blog in my opinion. LedByLucy-Blog-Engagement-Dress-White-Bocci-BerlinEngagement Party Dress: Wearing White Wearing White Both the twinkling lights at Bocci and the fact that I am wearing my engagement party dress make this a favourite post. Maybe one day when I’m older and we have children they might ask about our engagement and I can show them these pictures.

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June 25, 2016



Here are some of my favourite photos from my family trip to Mallorca last week. Mallorca was in full bloom and looking absolutely beautiful during our stay. It was nice to relax, swim in the sea, eat delicious food, laugh and dance.

I feel so lucky to have two sisters and a Mum who all get on so well. We used to absolutely kill each other when we were teens. But once we got past those terrible teenage years we became really close, and now we have such a laugh together.

We were only in Mallorca for five days, so we really tried to be as present in the moment as possible and to savour every moment. Because the older we get, the busier and more spread out geographically we are becoming. Which makes savoring these precious moments even more important.

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