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Pretty Poinsettia Christmas Dress OOTD

November 20, 2016


What says Christmas better than a poinsettia print dress with glittery boots and a red lip? Say hello to my new Xmas party look, all that’s missing is a sprinkle of snow and a red bow to complete the festivities.

I am so excited about heading home for Xmas this year, so much so that I emailed out our home-tour itinerary months ago. With a big family like mine you need to get organised way in advance, and I’m delighted to say that the organising paid off, as we will get to see almost everyone this year!

One thing that I am particularly excited about is introducing my Mum and sisters to my wedding dress! That’s right, I think I found the one…

Wearing: Pretty Poinsettia Rose Dress by Emily and Fin, Ted and Muffy Knee Boots (mine have a glittery heel) and CRU London Charlotte Bag

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September 15, 2016

I recently had to search through my back catalog of blogs. It was a lovely trip down memory lane and I enjoyed reminiscing about each post, what I was doing at the time and how things have changed since then. Being able to look back in this way is a wonderful perk of having a blog.

Here are some of my favourite OOTD posts since the inception of LedByLucy and the reasons why.

LedByLucy-Chester-England (14)Chester: Stopping To Smell The Roses This post and pictures remind me of deciding to make a huge leap of faith and move from the UK to Germany. It was a really exciting but also uncertain time as we didn’t know what to expect. Our lives changed a lot after this.LedByLucy-Poppy-ASOS-image6Poppy Print Outfit Of The Day Taken outside of Hotspur Press in Manchester, a pretty grubby industrial building which is steeped in history and charming in it’s own way. And yeah, I like the dress!

New #OOTD post set in #Ibiza featuring @topshop retro swimwear. Link to blog in bio. Ibiza In A Clamb Shell Holiday vibes!LedByLucy-Berlin-FashionTwinsies! OOTD With My Sister I pass this spot regularly and this image of my sister and I laughing together pops up in my mind every time. I actually have this picture framed in my spare room. We both live so far away from each other now that moments like this together are very precious.LedByLucy-Nhow-Berlin-BloggerNhow Berlin Review: A Sunny Lunch Date This is Berlin at its finest, with the sun shining! The Spree (the river in the background) is a landmark in Berlin that I love. If and when we ever decide to move away from Berlin, I know I will look back on photos like this and think of the good times.LedByLucy-January-Treats-image5LedByLucy-January-Treats-image6French Connection and Faux Fur The first post using my “proper” camera. Up until this point I had been admiring other people’s blogs and occasionally creating my own posts using an i-phone. It was a pricey purchase but totally worth it, it makes the blog in my opinion. LedByLucy-Blog-Engagement-Dress-White-Bocci-BerlinEngagement Party Dress: Wearing White Wearing White Both the twinkling lights at Bocci and the fact that I am wearing my engagement party dress make this a favourite post. Maybe one day when I’m older and we have children they might ask about our engagement and I can show them these pictures.

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August 11, 2016


This outfit has pretty much been my uniform this summer. I’ve never had a yellow dress before but my best friend and bridesmaid to-be picked it out for me and I’ve hardly had it off since. I really love it, especially because I have a slight tan, it seems to go really well with that. I get a new pair of these chunky sandals in a different colour every summer because they are so comfortable and match everything, and the bag has been with me everyday too.

Do you have a go-to outfit for summer?

Wearing: Yellow Dress from Aspire Style, CRU London Willow Weekender and New Look Chunky Heels

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Photo Credit: The wonderful Kate from Sole Satisfaction



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August 5, 2016


TRAVEL-wallett- luggagewhats-in-my-handbag

whats in my travel luggage

I have been flying so much recently which is really exciting because I love heading to new places, but with that can come delayed flights, lost luggage and lots of waiting around. To make it as enjoyable as possible I like to have a few little luxuries on hand. Here’s what I have been taking with me recently:

Handbag: The Willow Weekender by CRU London, I’ve had it for a few years now and honestly love it. It matches almost everything and it’s easy to throw over your shoulder as you rush to the check-in.

Travel Wallet: This is the perfect little travel buddy, it has a pocket for everything and makes you feel so organised! I chose this Disaster Designs floral oil-painting number from Aspire Style.

Headphones: My boyfriend bought me these wireless, noise cancelling headphones for my birthday and the sound is unreal. I love listening to the Giri Cafe and Big at the KU! The Original Balearic Beat playlist whilst travelling.

Tangle Teaser and Spiral Bobbles: Erm, why did no-one tell me about these sooner? I was pretty certain that they were a fad, but don’t knock it till you try it. For long hair both of these items are a must! The bobbles stop you getting kinks when you just want to trow your hair up and the Tangle Teaser brushes without snagging.

Hand-Cream and Lip Balm: Flying makes my skin dry out so I like to keep a hand-cream and lipbalm close. This is citrus and lavender by Heyland and Whittle, it smells divine. My lipbalm is EOS, I have them in every colour and I’m obsessed with how they feel when applying (pauses typing to re-apply).

Herbal Tea: I take a stash of my favourite teas with me wherever I go as a little home comfort. These are liquorice and peppermint by Pukka.

Sunglasses and Lipstick: Prepare for landing! I’m currently wearing vintage style shades from Aspire Style and Clinique lipstick.

I am seriously lacking in a good book to devour on my journeys, so if you have have any recommendations then please let me know. I read The Gold Finch recently and adored that.

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April 6, 2016

ledbylucy-flower fairy-botanicalledbylucy-travel-berlinflower-botanical-gardens-berlinLEDBYLUCY- Berlin- Botanical- Gardens


My Grandma always used to take us to the botanical gardens for days out there when we were little. I have such fond memories of escaping the cold into a tropical climate filled with exotic plants and flowers from all over the world. With these treasured memories in mind, I decided to visit Botanischer Garten Berlin, which boasts the second largest tropical greenhouse in the world.

As I entered through the gates and explored the vast grounds at Botanischer Garten my imagination began to run wild. Picturing the types of people that walked through these glasshouses and grounds when it was first built back in 1679.

We visited over the spring bank holiday weekend but I would love to return again in Summer to see the grounds in full bloom.

Wearing: Zara Tweed Dress With Layered Skirt/French Connection Saddle Bag/Black Ballet Pumps

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March 22, 2016

LedByLucy-Blog-Engagement-Dress-White-Bocci-BerlinLedByLucy-Engagement-Ring-Vintage-BloggerLove-Triangle-White-Dress-LedByLucy-BloggerLedByLucy-White-Lace-Engagement-DressLedByLucy-Bocci-Berlin-Blog-White-DressBocci 5DSC_0184From the moment Nick and I got engaged we knew that we wanted to host a party with all of our nearest and dearest to celebrate. Parties are my absolute favourite, I just love everything about them, from picking the decorations to dancing the night away.

I knew that I wanted to wear white. Newlywed brides are constantly telling me that the big day is over in a flash. So I figured I wanted to make the most of my opportunity to wear white. I searched far and wide to find the right dress before deciding upon this one. I wanted something unusual in design that would be perfect for dancing in, and this ticked all of the boxes.

As I was heading out of the house I grabbed a pair of gold balerina pumps just in case my feet hurt from dancing later in the evening, and I’m so glad I did. They certainly came in handy.

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts on the party, I’ll be sharing details on the party location and decorations soon.

Wearing: Love Triangle High Neck Midi Dress

Location: Bocci 79 Showroom, if you are in Berlin you must visit. It is a totally beautiful showroom filled with contemporary light designs. This wasn’t the venue for our party, but it was perfect for capturing these shots of my dress. As you would expect at Bocci, the lighting is perfect

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Photo Credit: With special thanks to the talented  Berliner Post for taking these photographs


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February 21, 2016


2- LedByLucy-HouseOfFoxy- Route66dinerWhat do you wear for a date at 50s, American style diner Route 66? A 1950s dress of course! This polka-dot dress by The House of Foxy couldn’t have been more perfect. ‘The Lucy Dress’ sits neatly on the cusp of the 50s and 60s and was inspired by a Sears catalogue dress from 1963. It has a full pleated skirt which is perfect for dancing to the jukebox in. It’s also named after me which is an added bonus!

3- LedByLucy-HouseOfFoxy- Route66diner

DSC_0029Wearing: Lucy Polka Dot Dress by The House Of Foxy

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Photo Credit: The photographs of me in this post were taken by The Berliner Post, an amazing photographer who has recently been chosen as one of Instagram’s official suggested users.

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February 11, 2016

LedByLucy-Emily-and-Fin- Snow

Brr, just looking at these pictures is making me chilly. It has been so cold here, I mean like freezing cold temperatures of -11°C. Most days all I’ve wanted to wear is a huge snugly parka and my fleece lined leggings. As Nick and I recently got engaged (ahhh, I’ll tell you all about that soon!!!) we’ve had some lovely things planned in and so I’ve had to really up my snowy attire game!ledbylucy-berlin-snow-ootd

LedByLucy-Berlin- Snow.Wearing: My skirt is from Emily & Fin and has sold out now but the new collection is looking beautiful, Yellow Wool Coat from Mango & Green Clutch Bag (similar)

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February 7, 2016




For me a party look has pretty much always meant bright lipstick (red or pink) with black winged eyeliner. But recently I have been enjoying experimenting with new looks, and playing with natural shades and warm, earthy tones. For this natural party make-up look I used brands and products that not only created a natural look but also care for Mother Nature too with environmentally friendly brand values.

Here is what I used for this look:

Grooving Gold Eye-shadow Pallet, Colour Crush Festive Lipstick, Bold Felt Liner, Colour Rush Nail Sequins by Body Shop and Mineral Foundation Powder by Inka

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December 14, 2015


The slew of Christmas and New Year’s parties you’ll have to attend this season will likely require you to do a little shopping. And of course, in addition to adding a few dresses and accessories to your wardrobe, you’re going to need a few new pairs of shoes for your collection. Here is a little guide to shoe buying over the festive season…

First, invest in a new pair of heels. Even if you’re not a fan of high heels, formal holiday parities deem them a season necessity. She Knows created a list of the top 10 heel styles that are expected to be the most popular this season. Among the collection is a stunning pair of peep-toe pumps, a pair of “shooties” (part boot, part shoe), and some classic Mary Janes. Not surprisingly, red was a popular color, but other hues and patterns, such as blue suede, leopard print, and glittery metallics presented equally attractive options. Thankfully, most pairs on the list are pretty budget friendly, so a second pair isn’t out of the question!


Secondly, you should find a pair of ballet flats because all of that dancing can take its toll on your toes. Festive colors like red and green make them perfect for the holidays, and they’re versatile enough to complete dozens of outfits during the season and long after it ends. Pair them with dresses, pants, or skirts, and they’ll always look great. Better still, they’re easy to fold up into a average-sized purse and pull out anytime you’ve had enough of your uncomfortable heels. Check out the compilation of flats from Vogue to see some of the season’s most popular styles.

Finally, find yourself a pair of over-the-knee boots. They might be a little out of place during a family dinner, but they’ll make an amazing addition to a hot New Year’s Eve outfit, or during a night out revisiting with old friends from school. If you take a look at the different designer shoe offerings on Lyst, you can how most of the top names in the industry are sticking to either brown suede, or different black fabrics. Brown might have been a good choice a few months ago, as it’s a popular color for Autumn. However, at this point in the season, you’ll probably get a lot more use out of a solid black pair.

After shopping for others all season, you deserve a few goodies for yourself. Plus, finding a few amazing party shoes is a surefire way to put yourself in the holiday spirit.

Happy shopping!

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December 5, 2015



Let’s face it, sunglasses do more than just provide shade from the sunshine at summertime. They also come in particularly handy during the Xmas period, when late night dancing and one too many Glühweins is inevitably followed by an early morning brunch.

I for one am a huge fan of the fact that you can have your eyes completely shut behind your shades and still give the appearance of being bright eyed, bushy tailed and interested. Just kidding :p

ledbylucy-sunglassesLedByLucy-OOTD-SunglassesFor a little treat I have teamed up with the team at Polette to offer you the chance to win the pair of sunglasses, fashion frames or prescription frames of your choice.

Above I am wearing the Elektra in black from the collection. I picked them because I love the Audrey Hepburn style over-sized shades, but the gold trim gives them a modern twist.
How to Enter
Ts &Cs
  • Worldwide entries are welcome
  • The winner will be picked with a Random Name Picker tool
  • Only one entry per person
  • The winner will be announced on the 10th January, 2016
  • The winner will receive an Instagram/Twitter direct message notifying them of the good news
Best of luck and have fun picking your favourites! Lucy x
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December 3, 2015

LedByLucy-EmilyandFinn-Blog-Fashion.jpg2LedByLucy-Star-Dress-PragueLast weekend I caught the train to Prague for the first time and instantly fell in love with the enchanting city. Every street is full of candy coloured, dollhouse like buildings fit for a Wes Anderson film. I was constantly gazing up and around me at the old-fashioned pastel pink, blue and yellow buildings. These pictures where taken in the chocolate box Old Town.LedByLucy-Fashion-Blogger-Newgate-WatchLedByLucy-EmilyandFinn-Blog-FashionThere is something ethereal about Prague at this time of year and so my Midnight Shooting Star Dress seemed perfect for the occasion. When I’m out and about exploring on city breaks comfortable clothes and shoes are so important. This dress is fully lined with cotton and even has pockets so it feels snuggly and comfortable.

I got sheepskin insoles for my boots from the Christmas Markets which kept my toes toasty warm for all of the walking that we did. I also had a nice big warm coat which you can’t see in these pics.
LedByLucy-Prague-Fashion-Blog-EmilyandFinn.3LedByLucy-Prague-Fashion-BlogSuggested Post: Ibiza In A Clamshell
Wearing: Rose Dress in Midnight Shooting Star by Emily and Fin/Newgate Watches The Liberty (use discount code newgateloveslucy for 20% off before 31st Jan 2016)/H&M Hat, Scarf,  Ankle Boots and Shooting Star Rings
I hope that you like my OOTD post and I can’t wait to tell you all about the rest of my trip soon. Lucy x

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November 19, 2015

LedByLucy-Newgate-Watch-Blogger-Fashion-BerlinDSC_0161LedByLucy-Museum-Island-BritStitch-BlogLedByLucyDSC_0141Photo Credit: The photographs in this post were taken by the amazing Berliner Post, have a look at Ayten’s Instagram page which is full of cultural shots from around Berlin.

Wearing: Brit-Stitch Brit Luxe Shoulder Bag in Vintage Red/Newgate Watches The Liberty (use discount code newgateloveslucy for 20% off before 31st Jan 2016)/ French Connection Corvette Coating Fur Trim Coat/Kurt Geiger Carvela Boots/M&S Pearl Earrings

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November 8, 2015

I recently attended a party hosted by ASOS at Bikini Berlin Garden. Naturally the guests were all looking absolutely fabulous and so I captured some of my favourite looks to share with you…

LedByLucy- Natalia Avelon- ASOS

Natalia Avelon-LedByLucy-Fashion-ASOS Actress Natalia Avelon looked super glamorous wearing ASOS head to toe with a Zara handbag. The warm golds and organges in her outfit really complimented her colouring.

JackieHide-ASOS-LEDBYLUCYModel and Blogger Jackie Hide looked smoking hot wearing an & Other Stories prim and proper shirt mixed with spray on black vintage trousers. Instagram @JackieHide

Leonie Stein-ASOS-LedByLucy-1

Leonie Stein-ledbylucy-fashion-ASOSMarketing Assistant Leonie Stein was an ethereal dream wearing a floral maxi-dress by ASOS. Instagram @lijony

See what I mean? Absolutely fabulous was no exaggeration.

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