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May 4, 2017

It is with great pleasure that I share with you our engagement photos. Nick won’t mind me telling you that an engagement shoot hasn’t previously been at the top of his list of fun things to do. But as soon as he met our photographer Viktor Pravdica in the flesh they got on like a house on fire. Any reservations about feeling awkward in front of a camera melted away instantly. The two of them bonded over third-wave coffee and Sophia Coppola movies and we laughed all day with smiles from ear to ear. Both of us truly enjoyed the experience. Now, every-time I catch a glimpse of the images I can’t help but do that same smile. If you are considering having an engagement shoot done before your wedding I would strongly recommend it. It helps you to feel comfortable in your photographers presence, and helps your photographer to get to know you better, so they can capture your vibe perfectly on the big day.

We took pictures in Berlin’s landmark photo-booths and drank coffee at Nick’s favourite roasters. In Berlin the streets are full of old cars, mopeds and vans that would have been taken off the roads years ago in the UK. I love that these little details are included and how they reflect our current lifestyle as we explore and fall in love with a new city. Viktor has captured our lifestyle and relationship so well, we are happy and in love and will treasure these pictures of this special moment in our lives, forever.

Photo Credit: Viktor Pravdica

Projects and Tips

Our Engagement Story

May 1, 2017

lucys faveI was about to share our official engagement photos with you when it occurred to me that I am yet to share our engagement story with you, so here it is. Due to the excitement (and bubbles) that accompanied our special moment you will see in these pictures that faces are blurred and heads are cut off. But I love them because they are so real and preserve the excitement of our special moment forever. We had a professional engagement shoot taken by Viktor Pravdica which I love equally and can’t wait to share with you soon.

But first, here’s a little backstory about how we met. We met in our university campus art gallery, while Nick was doing a Masters in music and I was doing a degree in contemporary art. Nick asked me if I’d like to work with him on a project. I agreed and together we created a contemporary opera ‘The Life and Times of Virgil Edicere’. The music was composed by Nick and the visuals created by me. It was during that creative process that we began to adore each other. I went travelling around California for the summer, whilst I was there I had my fortune told, the cards said that love, sweet love was coming my way. As soon as I stepped off the plane Nick came to visit me, we did indeed fall in love, sweet love.


 Popping The Question:

It was a completely normal and unsuspecting Thursday in Berlin, our new home city, having moved there from the UK one year ago. I was busy working on a photography project when Nick asked me if I was up for an adventure. I (of course) agreed, and he told me that I had 1.5 hours to pack an overnight bag as he had a series of surprises planned!

We got in a cab and first he took me to Paris Bar, David Bowie’s favourite place in Berlin which I had been longing to visit. There are legendary tales of Bowie and Iggy Pop’s nights spent in this authentic little venue. We ate steak and crème brûlée whilst sipping red wine surrounded by original artwork and eccentric creatives.

Then we went to the most beautiful hotel in Berlin, it was built in the 1930s, completely marble and with views of the zoo (we could see ostriches from our window) and Tiergarten the biggest park in Berlin. When we went up to our room I saw that it was full of roses, strawberries and my favourite Marina and The Diamonds song was playing. He took me out onto the balcony with a glass of bubbly in the snow and got down on one knee. He presented me with a stunning 1930’s diamond trilogy ring and I said Yes!




Projects and Tips


December 19, 2016

Have you seen that episode of The Vicar of Dibley where Dawn French is invited to several Christmas parties in one day and each host cooks her a Christmas dinner? She goes ahead and eats every single one of them rather than admitting shes already eaten? I feel you Dawn, the food and wine on offer over Xmas can get a little OTT.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dinners over the festive period. The food is delicious and I thrive off the company. But it’s so easy to indulge way too much with everyone handing you a glass of fizz and bowl of snacks upon arrival.

As mentioned in this post I recently had a big health scare and, although it was completely unrelated to indulging, it still gave me the impetus to make my body as healthy as possible and that can be hard over the Christmas holidays.

So, with that in mind I’ve been testing out some 100% natural mocktails which not only taste delicious, but are good for you too.

Cranberry and Lime Cosmo Mocktail

Crisp cranberry mixed with the sharp taste of lime makes this the perfect mocktail:

  • Pour cranberry and lime juice into a cocktail shaker (I used Feel Good Drinks)
  • Add the juice of half of a lime, ice and raspberries
  • Shake it up then strain into a glass
  • Garnish with lime and rosemary

Elderflower Bubbly

Not sure this one really needs instructions but I always feel more Christmassy with a champagne flute in hand and this is the best alternative:

  • Pour apple and elderflower into a champagne flute (I used this one)
  • Garnish with raspberries and add a sprig of rosemary

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year break relaxing with friends and family. I have a busy couple of weeks in the UK visiting all of my favourite people and I’m so looking forward to it.

Collaboration: This post is sponsored by Feel Good Drinks, but I’ve been passionate about up-ing my alcohol free tasty beverage intake for some time now, see more of my recipes here

Projects and Tips


October 18, 2016


I am so excited (and a little nervous) to share my wedding invitations here. They are the first impression that my guests (and now my readers) will get of my wedding. So they are kind of a big deal.

I looked at loads of different designs and, like wedding dresses, there are lots of beautiful options. So how do you choose? I picked out a trendy design with botanical prints on a blush pink background and wondered if I should go ahead and order them. But then I discovered the the Fairy Tale Romance collection. And my heart sang out “this is it”. I feel as though they are timelessly to my taste and I totally adore them. People often tell you that when selecting a wedding dress you ‘just know’ when you try the one, I haven’t felt like that when dress shopping yet, but I did feel it when picking these invitations.

I have them stored in a little box in our office and I keep peeking in to see how pretty they are. I’m thinking of having them framed after the wedding along with a few other keepsakes, and perhaps having them feature in the wedding album too.

I adore how dreamy and romantic they are. The design reminds me of the location for our ceremony. Friends have been so sweet and commented that they are ‘so Lucy and Nick’.

They are from Wedding Paper Divas. I worked with the designers there and changed several different aspects to make them perfect for us and to suit our needs.

I really need to find a wedding dress that jumps out at me the way my invitations did!

Photo Credit: Images of the island by the talented Someday Today and photos of invitations by me

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September 7, 2016

LedByLucy-Blog-BerlinOccasionally we all have bad days that can be hard to shake off. Here are some of my top tips on picking yourself up, brightening your day and changing your perspective:

1. Three Good Things: I keep a notebook on my bedside table and at the end of the day I write down three good things that have happened that day. It can be something exciting like flying to Barcelona for the first time, or it can be something less grand but still beautiful in its own way, such as trying out a new recipe and seeing other people enjoy it. This really helps me to count my blessings daily.

On a bad day you can reach for this book and read through it reflecting on all of the beautiful moments in life that you treasure. It will also remind you of the things in life that make you particularly happy, and perhaps inspire your activities for the day.ledbylucy-tun-a-bad-day-into-a-good-day

2. Yoga and Walking: It might be the last thing that you feel like doing but hauling yourself up and out of the door for some fresh air works wonders. I set myself a daily challenge of doing 10,000 steps per day. It’s pretty geeky but I love to check my steps on my app and see if I am close to my goal. If you are at work then go for a brisk walk on your lunch break or get off the bus home a few stops early and walk part way. As my Grandma used to say, a bit of fresh air really clears the cobwebs away. You could try my Ideas For A Sunny Day Out post.

Yoga is a magical mood booster for me too. Concentrating on your breath, clearing your mind and stretching out any worries is heavenly. I love going to a studio where you leave your external thoughts at the door and enter into a peaceful atmosphere. But, if you can’t get to a class, then there are lots of wonderful resources online. Vinyasa is my favourite, a style of yoga in which your movements flow with your breath and the poses run together like a dance.

3. Friends and Laughter: A full belly LOL can cure all woes, even if just momentarily. I randomly came across Trailer Park Boys on Netflix, the first few episodes had me absolutely splitting my sides (admittedly it gets a bit repetitive after the first few, but by then it’s done the trick). Also a call, Skype or visit with a bezzie is bound to put a smile on your face again.ledbylucy-walking-for-happiness-14. Food and Water: Give your body all of the support and energy it needs with some nourishing food and plenty of water. Reading Cameron Diaz’s book The Body Book some time ago now inspired me to really take an interest in healthy living.  You really are what you eat, and your mood can be dramatically effected by how well nourished you are. As Cameron says “eating for nutrition is not about taking from yourself. It’s about giving to yourself. In the short and long run, it is more fun to love your food when it loves you back.” Try making my Blueberry and Almond Smoothie Recipe

5. Pamper: Run a bubble bath, light some candles, play uplifting music and apply a face mask or whatever lotion/potion you fancy. Try my sister’s West Indian Bay Bath Oil Recipe Sometimes a good old pamper is the best way to relax and unwind.

I’d love to hear your tips on staying positive and beating a bad day, please let me know your ideas in the comments below.

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Wearing: Topshop Ripped Jeans, Topshop Striped Top (similar), Birkenstocks and CRU Mini Bucketbag

Photo Credit: With special thanks to the talented  Berliner Post for taking these photographs

Projects and Tips


August 31, 2016

Final 2I love reading blogs for many reasons, they can inspire me, comfort me or capture my imagination in a really healthy and positive way. I can read a post and be like “hell yeah sister, let’s run the world”. But I can also read a blog that makes me feel like crap and want to sob into my un-ironed pajamas at the distorted sight of the author gliding through life like a goddess that wakes up with instant beach waves and an endless supply of incredible dresses.

I discussed recently in this post that I usually select my favourite pictures for the blog. Instead, today here are some of the pictures that have caused the biggest, full belly LOLs between me and my boyfriend when we are snapping for the blog.

I wanted to post these because we often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect. But ultimately it’s people’s quirks and unique qualities that make them who they are. As a wise woman once said, perfect is overrated, perfect is boring.

Final 1-Picture perfectfinal-6final7

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August 17, 2016

ledbylucy-wedding-planningledbylucy-champagne-engaged4wedding planning

 Wow! I haven’t filled you in on any of the wedding planning process yet. We are well underway with it all now, the venue is booked (we went for the wild card option), the Pinterest boards are blossoming and the invites are ready.

Brainstorming together and aligning our visions has been really special. Nick and I met working on a contemporary opera together, so it’s fun to apply that creative thinking and collaborative process to our wedding.

We decided to go back to the place where Nick proposed to make all of the initial important decisions. We set up camp in the amazing Mad Men styled library there. We ordered champagne, spread out our wedding magazines and got the Pinterest boards at the ready. I would recommend doing something like this if you are planning your own wedding. It turned the process into a really special moment that we will remember forever.

But I must admit… there was a pretty stressful situation that we came up-against later on down the line. Something that I obviously hadn’t scheduled into my wedmin planner,  drama free and full of love was more what I had in mind. For us the issue was thankfully not with family, guests or loved ones, but with a vendor that we hired. Nightmare.

One thing that we have learned from that particular experience is to work with positive people that you enjoy spending time with and that will make their contribution to your big day a pleasurable experience. Don’t be fooled by fancy websites and impressive presentation packages. Sometimes independent vendors with a bit of heart are the best. But we haven’t let that bump in the road spoil anything for us. It’s ultimately led us to better things.

Let me know if you have any tips or advice in the comments. Particularly on finding a wedding dress, that is the next step ahead of me. I am looking forward to sharing more of our wedding planning story with you. A post on the invitations is coming up soon, which I am so excited about!

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Projects and Tips


June 12, 2016
 Selecting my save the dates was the first moment that the whole idea of our wedding suddenly felt like a reality, rather than a lovely day dream. It’s a really exciting moment. It’s also the first impression that guests will have of the big day, so I wanted to get it right.
I spent ages scrolling through beautiful designs, and even made a Pinterest board of the most inspiring. Here are some of my favourites from the company that I chose to make mine, Wedding Paper Divas followed by my top tips on selecting yours. I won’t share my final choice just yet as I haven’t sent them to my guests and I don’t want to spoil their surprise. But I will soon, promise.
Botanicals on Blush by Justina Blakeney for Wedding Paper Divas
Gorgeous Gleam Save The Dates by Magnolia Press at Wedding Paper Divas
pink-WE-DO-wedding-invitesPassionate Promise by Magnolia Press at Wedding Paper Divas 
A few tips for selecting your save the dates:
1. If you have no idea what kind of wedding you want at this stage in the game, and the only information that you have is a date. Perhaps go for one of the photo designs and use a really special pic of you and your partner.
2. Look at the photos on the Wedding Paper Diva blog and social media as well as browsing through the website. They have so many designs you may not find them all on the website. On the Instagram & blog they post pictures submitted by real brides, often presenting the designs in a beautiful lifestyle setting which always helps me to get a better idea of the product.
3. If you see a design that you love which isn’t quite right then use the instant chat service for advice, the in-house design team may be able to tweak a few things to suit your needs.
4. Take a few days to decide on your design, send screen shots to bridesmaids and family for their thoughts before selecting.
I’ll let you know soon which ones I picked soon!
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May 8, 2016

DSC00183Cyndi Lauper, sequins, drag, dancing, a little bit of cheese and a lot of sass. Watching Kinky Boots is like attending a kitch-tastic party, by the end of the night the whole audience is up out of their seats, singing and dancing. But at the heart of this musical is a poignant message: you can change the world if you change your mind.

After watching the show at The Adelphi London, I caught up with Matt Henry who stars as Lola. 

Life lessons are one of the main themes in Kinky Boots. What have you personally learned from your experience of performing as Lola?
I have personally learnt to listen more. Its so easy to run away with your own opinions and point of view that you don’t really listen to what people are really saying.

This production features some fabulous drag queens and you all seem like absolute pros, dancing in those killer heels takes serious skill. Have you and the Angels all performed in drag before or is this your first time?
This is my first time performing in drag. I know that Luke Jackson one of my angels was in the original production of Pricilla Queen of the Desert.

Matt Henry (Lola) and Angels in Kinky Boots - photo Matt Crockett

The cast seem like a hoot, once you’ve sang your heart out and slipped in and out of those infamous sequined outfits umpteen times do you all get a chance to celebrate and party together offstage?
We are such a close cast and have such a great time working together. So any excuse to throw an after work social get together is always welcomed.

Your performance as Lola in Kinky Boots was fabulous. It must require an immense amount of self-discipline to maintain such high standards. What is your typical day like?
Typical day –
Vocal rest until 3pm
Eating healthy-  small and often (due to corseted costumes)
Gym -Weight training or Pilates

What advice would you give to other people with big dreams and ambitions?
It’s your dream so build it yourself. Stay focused. It’s not always going to be easy but learn and grow from every experience negative and positive experience and don’t give up. Nothing happens before its time.

To book tickets to watch the show visit the website here.
Photo Credit: On stage image taken by Matt Crocket, other by me
Projects and Tips


April 21, 2016

LedByLucy-Pottery-ClassWe are often encouraged to do hobbies as youngsters. I remember I used to do dance on a Monday (jazz, freestyle and rock ‘n’ roll), netball on a Wednesday after-school (hated it), then drama club at lunch time with the occasional outward bound holiday thrown into the mix (so much fun). But as time passes we often grow out of them, because our vocation is unrelated and they get left behind.

I’ve always loved being creative. Art, textiles, photography, reading and writing are favourites of mine. One of my main reasons for starting this blog was so I could continue to practice and grow in those areas after leaving university. But the digital and social media side can dominate sometimes. That’s not always such a bad thing, but I have been craving to get my hands on a project that feels completely organic and none digital, resulting in a physical creation.

ledbylucy-making-potteryI went along to a pottery studio (something I’ve never done before) and did exactly that. I didn’t use my phone for inspiration from Pinterest or Google which has become the norm in the modern world. I simply sat down and began to paint using brush strokes that felt relaxing, colours that caught my eye, creating a pattern that was simply what I felt like doing in the moment.

This pot could of quite easily turned into a project. For example, a gift for someone. That would’ve been efficient use of my time, killing two birds with one stone. But that automatically comes with a specific brief or deadline, and we have enough of those day to day. I purposely didn’t take it too seriously and enjoyed the process rather than focusing on the end result. It was so relaxing!

ledbylucy-painting-pottery-berlinHere is my finished pot. It isn’t perfect but I love it. It’s a bit like a horcrux from Harry potter…hear me out. Rather than containing a fragment of a dark Wizard that makes Harry’s scar hurt… it reminds me of that calm and serene feeling that I had as I created it.Handpainted-pottery-orange

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March 28, 2016

LedByLucy-Engaged-DecorationsLedByLucy-Party-Decorations-Tissue-PomPomsFor the venue of our engagement party we chose Ye Olde Kings Head, which dates back to 1622. Not only was it frequented by King Henry VIII, but it is also said to be Chester’s most haunted pub (if there were any ghosts they certainly had the party spirit). We chose it because it’s full of charm and character. It has low oak beams, suits of armor, a roaring fire, central location and cask ales a plenty. The perfect place for a party.
The venue is already so interesting in itself, I didn’t need to do anything crazy with the space. Instead I chose to add some fun, bright and funky colours that would really pop and guide our guests to the party. I went for a colour palate of hot-pink, turquoise and orange with gold and lemon accents

LedByLucy-Party-Decorations-BuntingLedByLucy-Engaged-Decorations.PartyLedByLucy-Engagement-Party-DecorationsI worked with the designers at Hello Party to create the party theme ‘Shine Bright’ which consists of posters, bunting and banners. It is now available for everyone to order which is super exciting.
You can add in your own photos, messages and captions to the decorations, which gives you the opportunity to add some lovely personal touches to your party. I chose the lyric ‘pop that pretty question’ from Primadonna Girl by Marina and the Diamonds (my favourite song) for the bunting which was hung above the DJ booth.
We’ve actually kept some of the posters from the party and put them up in our home as a little reminder of this lovely night.
To complete the look I also added 30 tissue pom-poms and balloons which matched the colour theme. I love the way that these turned out, they really complemented my posters, but be warned, the pom-poms take ages to assemble. My advice is to get a group of friends together, put the music on and make a night of it!

We had so much fun at the party and both agreed that it went so quickly, we want to do it all over again this weekend!

To see what I changed into for the engagement party check out this post: Engagement Party Dress, Wearing White

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Survival Guide: Packing To Move Abroad With Check-In Luggage Only

February 28, 2016

Moving abroad is an enriching and exciting experience: beautiful places to explore, interesting people to meet and a new community to become part of. But getting everything sorted before you make that leap of faith can be stressful and daunting.

When we moved 600 miles from Manchester to Berlin we chose to take hand luggage only. Now this option isn’t for everyone, if you need to take your Chesterfield sofa and waterbed across the ocean then this isn’t for you (obviously). Our new apartment was furnished and we had no idea how long we were going to be in our new home for, so this was an efficient and cost effective way of doing things. Your items travel with you and are instantly to hand. Packing this way also gives you the chance to minimise, breaking free of your unnecessary belongings and start a fresh. If you have family or friends with storage space willing to keep hold of some things for you then this is also a good option.

I’ve put this guide together to answer your questions on packing for the big move and taking check-in luggage only.LedByLucy-Packing-Guide-BlogBefore You Get Stuck In

  • Check the maximum baggage allowance that your airline will allow. Usually it’s two pieces per person. You can check up to three on easyJet. Personally I checked in three cases, my fiancé checked in two
  • Call your a landlord ahead to see what is actually available in the rental, for example, do you need an iron or will there be one waiting? I didn’t do this and mourned the loss of that space in my case!

Minimise The Junk In Your Trunk

  • Save yourself the stress of a mammoth task and start early so you can do one bit at a time. Begin with the items or rooms that you use the least. For example the spare room or trinket shelves. Leave the cleaning cupboard till last as that’s usually the last task on the list
  • Be selective. This is your chance to start afresh and take only your favourite necessities with you. Enjoy the process. There is something quite wonderful about liberating yourself from the items that are no longer useful that you have amassed over the years
  • Ask yourself: ‘Have I used or worn this item in the last two years?’, ‘Is it useful to me?’ If the answer is no then get rid and don’t look back
  • Sell any unwanted items, Facebook and eBay were best for us. You could even host a clothes swap party, see my guide to hosting one here
  • Donate items that are in a good condition. I took three carloads to the charity shop in my clear out!

packing 4Toiletries

  • Your cases are likely be full to the brim so don’t go filling it with liquids and toiletries that could burst all over your belongings. Unused beauty products and toiletries that you don’t want can go to a local women’s shelter or homeless charity

Packing Your Cases

  • Pack a weekends worth of essentials in one case so you don’t need to undo all of your hard work on the first night hunting for your toothbrush
  • Spread your clothes across cases, after all if one case goes missing you don’t want to be left with 20 jumpers and no shoes
  • Vac pack is your friend, believe me you’ll thank me for it when you see that faux-fur coat that just wouldn’t fit shrink to the size of a sheet of paper
  • Utilise all pockets on the case including external
  • Most importantly: weigh it, weigh it, weigh it! Moving abroad can be stressful and the last thing you want is a fine for your luggage being overweight. Pop it on the scales to put your mind at ease

Suitcase Security

  • Add address labels to your luggage and always put a second one, with details of your flight and destination, inside- just in case
  • Tie bows or markers onto cases to make them recognisable on the conveyor belt
  • Pop your laptops and precious items in your hand luggage
  • An unlocked suitcase could invalidate your insurance so be sure to lock everything

Packing-to-move-abroad-LedByLucy-1Things That Just Won’t Fit

  • Pack a bag full of luxuries that you won’t need for a while (such as next seasons things, or decorative items) and leave it with a friend or family to bring when they visit. It’s so exciting to unpack this a few months down the line, it’s like getting a case full of gifts
  • Pack any things that you want to keep but don’t have room with care. Label the boxes with a list of contents then take a photo of it to store on your phone. That way you can always ask friends to go to a specific box and get an item for you when needed

On The Day Of Your Flight

  • Give yourself plenty of time and don’t check in late: even if you make it on to the flight, your luggage might not be as lucky
  • Relax and enjoy the flight, this is the beginning of a wonderful adventure that you will remember for the rest of your lives!

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November 26, 2015

LedByLucy- Smoothie-Ingredients-BlogLedByLucy- Smoothie-Ingredients-BloggerThis wholesome blueberry and almond butter smoothie recipe is fast becoming my favourtie winter breakfast. It is filling, comforting and full of energy to help kick start your morning. Whenever I make myself a smoothie for breakfast I like to think that I am doing my body a little favour by feeding it all of those nutrients.

I don’t know about you but I love a cocktail with my Sunday brunch (a Bloody Mary, 8.5 on the spice scale please) and when it comes to cocktails the decorations and embellishments are a real seller. So I’ve been playing with healthy smoothie embellishments. I made fruit skewers and decorated the rim of the glass with chai seeds.ledbylucy-health-food-1ledbylucy-smoothie-blogger-health

Blueberry And Almond Butter Smoothie, makes one.

  • One peeled and ripe banana
  • Three pitted dates
  • Half a cup of blueberries
  • One tablespoon of chai seeds
  • One tablespoon of almond butter
  • One cup of cold water

Pop everything into the blender and give it a wizz for two minutes.

For the decorations pop additional fruit onto coktails sticks to make skewers. Run lemon around the outer edge of the glass then roll it in a saucer of chai seeds. Make sure that the seeds just go on the outside of the glass so you don’t end up with more in the liquid.


Note– If you make this in bulk and store it in the fridge overnight then it will expand considerably into a thick yoghurt like texture (I literally had to eat mine with a spoon the next day). So I would suggest drinking it fresh and only blending batches as you need it.

This particular smoothie was inspired by Deliciously Ella, her healthy lifestyle recipes and tips are 100% worth checking out if you haven’t done already. I also love Kimberly Snyder and featured her Glowing Green Smoothie in this old post which I wrote a very long time ago.

In the spirit of organic goodness I’d like to introduce you to ULTRA TEE, the lovelies that made my Artichoke Jumper which you can see in my photos. All of the ULTRA TEE range is organic, eco-friendly and fair trade. I said earlier that drinking my smoothie makes me feel as though I’m doing my body a favour, wearing this jumper makes me feel as though I’m doing some good for the earth too.

Happy smoothie making, let me know your favorite recipes too. x

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November 22, 2015

LedByLucy-Sara-Waiste-Interview-Vintage-BloggerSara has an expansive collection of bohemian seventies dresses and just as many impressive business accolades to match. Sara is her own #GirlBoss and has carved a successful career through her creative passions. She is the founder of successful online fashion boutique Waiste Vintage, the author of vintage fashion blog Waiste Blog and has also recently been appointed as the vintage ASOS Stylist. I caught up with Sara to find out more about her journey, what advice she would give to others wanting to follow in her footsteps and of course her style rules and vintage fashion icons.

How did you get to where you are now? Tell us a little about the journey  to becoming a successful blogger, opening your vintage store and of course your newly appointed role as a vintage stylist with ASOS.

Well, I actually started in the ASOS studios, my first ‘proper’ job, working in the e-commerce environment as a studio assistant then coordinator gave me all the valuable experience I needed when it came to setting up my vintage shop. The blogging I used to do on the side whilst working there, until I combined this with starting my shop and started featuring my own vintage for sale. And then from my styling through my blog and website I landed the new ASOS styling job!LedByLucy-Sara-Waiste-ASOS-Interview-Vintage-Blogger.jpg4You are lucky (and hard working) enough to have turned your dreams and passions into a career. What advice would you give to other people stuck in the rat race that want to follow in your footsteps?

Thank you. I would say don’t give up on your dreams. Make sure you have a USP and try to stand out with what you are doing to everyone else. You need to get lots of experience but don’t be afraid if you make mistakes, it’s all about learning from them.LedByLucy-Sara-Waiste-ASOS-Interview-Vintage-Blogger.jpg-4Fashion has a cyclical pattern and we often see vintage trends coming back onto the high street, and then they disappear again for a while. Your love for vintage remains forever strong. What sparked your love of vintage and what stops you following the latest trends?

To be honest I just don’t really pay that much attention to trends. I prefer to dress for me and what I like and feel comfortable in, rather than constantly following trends (although it’s great to get some 70s style pieces from the high street at the moment). I’ve always loved vintage, for me it’s all about going to hunt them and never knowing what you’re going to find, that thrill of finding something one-off that no one else has.

LedByLucy-Sara-Waiste-ASOS-Interview-Vintage-BloggerWho are your vintage style icons and what do you think the attraction of them is for women today?

I would say a great vintage icon would be Stevie Nicks, as she not only did (and still does!) have the best style, she’s also an amazing and inspiring woman who has achieved so much. She is just such an empowering female artist.

LedByLucy-Sara-Waiste-Interview-Vintage-Blogger.jpg-2How do you describe your personal style and do you have any key fashion rules?

Seventies style bohemian with a love of patterns and textures. Just always wear what you feel comfortable in, and don’t be afraid to mix it up.

EMBROIDERED_17Next time you feel like channeling you inner Stevie Nicks or want to time-travel back to the early seventies then Sara’s blog is the place to head.

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