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Operation Organisation – Scarf Hanger

January 18, 2015

LedByLucy-Scarf-Hanger-image1I have a huge collection of vintage silk scarves that take over a whole drawer in my dresser. I am currently in an #operationorganisation mood and am de-cluttering my wardrobe for the new year ahead. I don’t want to throw any of my scarves away as lots of them belonged to my Grandma and I have fond memories of dressing up in them as a little girl. I made a scarf hanger which is perfect as it only takes up the same amount of room as a jacket in your wardrobe.

LedByLucy-Scarf-Hanger-image2LedByLucy-Scarf-Hanger-image3All you need is a coat hanger with a bar across the bottom and a set of shower curtain hooks which are super cheap. You can pick some up here.

Total Wardrobe Care sent me some goodies (including this lovely May Chang essential oils candle) designed to keep wardrobe areas fresh and clothes moth free, which is particularly important with silk and vintage. For tips on caring for your clothes check out the Total Wardrobe Care Blog

LedByLucy-Scarf-Hanger-image4LedByLucy-Scarf-Hanger-image5Suggested Post: Paint Project

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