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Top Tips For Organising A Hen Party

July 19, 2017

My hen party was organised entirely by my Maid of Honour and sister, Rachael, with the help of my bridesmaids, as a surprise for me. I didn’t lift a single finger! I was completely blown away by it all. Everyone that attended commented on not only how much fun they had at the party, but also how well organised and thoughtful Rachael was. That girl possesses party planning skills to rival a professional.

So this week I thought I would hand over to Rachael and get her top tips on organising a hen party…

Gather The Key Info: If you are doing a surprise then get the guest list, date and budget from the bride first plus any important requests, then keep her out of the loop completely. Lucy had no idea about any of our plans. She just asked that it was in the UK because her guests would be traveling for the wedding.

Set The Date In Good Time: Get the guests to save the date well in advance, even if you don’t know the finer details or have a set plan. That can all be done at a later date. But getting a big group of busy girls together on the same date can be tricky if you don’t leave enough time. Lucy’s hen party was in June but we set the date way back in October, which meant almost everyone invited was able to attend.

Plan Via E-mail: Whatsapp groups or FB events just mean every guest has to see the comments from everyone else. This can just be annoying and information can get lost in a long thread. Keep people informed but don’t send hundreds of short emails. Just a small number of emails including the facts and important info. Everyone is busy…if you have been tasked with planning the hen be prepared to be very busy but take responsibility. The guests just want it to be planned for them!

Break The Ice– Try and arrange an “ice breaker” activity early on in the day/weekend. This is a great way of making everyone feel at ease, ready to relax and have fun. We played pin the junk on the hunk while our Grandma was there and it had everyone in stitches.

Pace The Drinks – Plan a non- alcohol activity for the daytime. If you start day drinking too early some people are not used to it, get excited, end up too drunk, and can’t handle the evening activity. We went quad biking during the day then opened up the bottomless tiki-bar in the evening, which worked nicely.

Food– Plan LOTS OF FOOD and check dietary requirements in advance to make everyone feel well looked after and welcome. If there are leftovers people can always take it home with them after the weekend, but there is nothing worse than being hungry when you want lots of energy to celebrate!

You can find out more about my hen party in this blog post here: My Luau Hen Party

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