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September 3, 2015

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Just two years ago my sisters and I all lived in the same city together. We absolutely loved it. We could all see each other at the drop of a hat. We partied, swapped clothes, ate out, cooked in and watched films together all of the time.

Now we live all over the place, in different cities and countries. This just means that our get-togethers are super special and have taken on a whole new meaning now.

Our lovely step-sister recently got married in Guernsey and we all flew out to celebrate. We were so excited to see each other. She looked absolutely stunning, it was such a happy day. We played boules and croquet on the lawn and danced until the early hours of the morning.

Whenever there is a party I always love decorating. For Charlotte’s gift I had a Hello Party bundle made for her.

LedByLucy-Wedding-Gift (78)

LedByLucy-Wedding-Gift (100)

LedByLucy-Wedding-Gift (80)

She had gorgeous engagement photographs taken and I knew I wanted to incorporate them into her gift somehow. With Hello Party I had personalised posters, banners, bunting and keepsakes made. I picked the ‘rustic watercolour‘ theme then personalised it with colours to match the bouquet.  I presented her with the bundle a few days before the wedding and she had them all on display on the big day.


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I love a good wedding. They bring everyone together to celebrate. The day after we hired mountain bikes and rode all around the coastline. Gurnsey is a picturesque little island and we were lucky enough to have sunshine for the whole time we were there.

We had the wedding blues when the party was over and we all went our separate ways, but it just makes us all the more excited for our next get together.

I hope that you guys have had some good weddings and parties to go to with your loved ones this season too.

Photo credit: First two and last one by PhotoToasty (the others are my own)

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