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Bottled Memories In A Gratitude Jar

January 1, 2015


A few years back I made a New Years resolution to bottle my memories in a gratitude jar. It has since become a tradition and I wanted to share it with you.

Start the year with an empty jar and each time you experience something that makes you feel grateful or happy make a note of it on a little slip of paper and store it in your jar.

The memories that you keep can be absolutely anything. Mine always vary so much. It might be something as simple as doing yoga for the first time and feeling radiant or something more poignant like recovering from an illness. Sometimes I am surprised to find that my friends and family have added their own notes into my gratitude jar too.

On New Years Day Nick and I sit down together and go through the jar, each taking it in turns to read out a memory.

Storing your memories in this way really puts the year into perspective and makes you realise how much you have achieved, each note is like a little treasure.

I suggest sticking each years worth of notes into a scrap book so that one day you can look back on your fondest moments from the past decade or so and see how far you have come.

Happy New Year everyone! May your gratitude jars be full of happy memories!

Lucy Xx

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