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Pretty Poinsettia Christmas Dress OOTD

November 20, 2016


What says Christmas better than a poinsettia print dress with glittery boots and a red lip? Say hello to my new Xmas party look, all that’s missing is a sprinkle of snow and a red bow to complete the festivities.

I am so excited about heading home for Xmas this year, so much so that I emailed out our home-tour itinerary months ago. With a big family like mine you need to get organised way in advance, and I’m delighted to say that the organising paid off, as we will get to see almost everyone this year!

One thing that I am particularly excited about is introducing my Mum and sisters to my wedding dress! That’s right, I think I found the one…

Wearing: Pretty Poinsettia Rose Dress by Emily and Fin, Ted and Muffy Knee Boots (mine have a glittery heel) and CRU London Charlotte Bag

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August 11, 2016


This outfit has pretty much been my uniform this summer. I’ve never had a yellow dress before but my best friend and bridesmaid to-be picked it out for me and I’ve hardly had it off since. I really love it, especially because I have a slight tan, it seems to go really well with that. I get a new pair of these chunky sandals in a different colour every summer because they are so comfortable and match everything, and the bag has been with me everyday too.

Do you have a go-to outfit for summer?

Wearing: Yellow Dress from Aspire Style, CRU London Willow Weekender and New Look Chunky Heels

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Photo Credit: The wonderful Kate from Sole Satisfaction



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February 21, 2016


2- LedByLucy-HouseOfFoxy- Route66dinerWhat do you wear for a date at 50s, American style diner Route 66? A 1950s dress of course! This polka-dot dress by The House of Foxy couldn’t have been more perfect. ‘The Lucy Dress’ sits neatly on the cusp of the 50s and 60s and was inspired by a Sears catalogue dress from 1963. It has a full pleated skirt which is perfect for dancing to the jukebox in. It’s also named after me which is an added bonus!

3- LedByLucy-HouseOfFoxy- Route66diner

DSC_0029Wearing: Lucy Polka Dot Dress by The House Of Foxy

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Photo Credit: The photographs of me in this post were taken by The Berliner Post, an amazing photographer who has recently been chosen as one of Instagram’s official suggested users.

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November 22, 2015

LedByLucy-Sara-Waiste-Interview-Vintage-BloggerSara has an expansive collection of bohemian seventies dresses and just as many impressive business accolades to match. Sara is her own #GirlBoss and has carved a successful career through her creative passions. She is the founder of successful online fashion boutique Waiste Vintage, the author of vintage fashion blog Waiste Blog and has also recently been appointed as the vintage ASOS Stylist. I caught up with Sara to find out more about her journey, what advice she would give to others wanting to follow in her footsteps and of course her style rules and vintage fashion icons.

How did you get to where you are now? Tell us a little about the journey  to becoming a successful blogger, opening your vintage store and of course your newly appointed role as a vintage stylist with ASOS.

Well, I actually started in the ASOS studios, my first ‘proper’ job, working in the e-commerce environment as a studio assistant then coordinator gave me all the valuable experience I needed when it came to setting up my vintage shop. The blogging I used to do on the side whilst working there, until I combined this with starting my shop and started featuring my own vintage for sale. And then from my styling through my blog and website I landed the new ASOS styling job!LedByLucy-Sara-Waiste-ASOS-Interview-Vintage-Blogger.jpg4You are lucky (and hard working) enough to have turned your dreams and passions into a career. What advice would you give to other people stuck in the rat race that want to follow in your footsteps?

Thank you. I would say don’t give up on your dreams. Make sure you have a USP and try to stand out with what you are doing to everyone else. You need to get lots of experience but don’t be afraid if you make mistakes, it’s all about learning from them.LedByLucy-Sara-Waiste-ASOS-Interview-Vintage-Blogger.jpg-4Fashion has a cyclical pattern and we often see vintage trends coming back onto the high street, and then they disappear again for a while. Your love for vintage remains forever strong. What sparked your love of vintage and what stops you following the latest trends?

To be honest I just don’t really pay that much attention to trends. I prefer to dress for me and what I like and feel comfortable in, rather than constantly following trends (although it’s great to get some 70s style pieces from the high street at the moment). I’ve always loved vintage, for me it’s all about going to hunt them and never knowing what you’re going to find, that thrill of finding something one-off that no one else has.

LedByLucy-Sara-Waiste-ASOS-Interview-Vintage-BloggerWho are your vintage style icons and what do you think the attraction of them is for women today?

I would say a great vintage icon would be Stevie Nicks, as she not only did (and still does!) have the best style, she’s also an amazing and inspiring woman who has achieved so much. She is just such an empowering female artist.

LedByLucy-Sara-Waiste-Interview-Vintage-Blogger.jpg-2How do you describe your personal style and do you have any key fashion rules?

Seventies style bohemian with a love of patterns and textures. Just always wear what you feel comfortable in, and don’t be afraid to mix it up.

EMBROIDERED_17Next time you feel like channeling you inner Stevie Nicks or want to time-travel back to the early seventies then Sara’s blog is the place to head.

If you enjoyed reading this have a nosy at the People and Projects section of my blog where I regularly feature interviews with inspirational women working within the creative field.

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April 27, 2015

When I was at college and University I used to buy the most outrageous outfits from antique fairs, vintage stores and charity shops. At one point I had an original 1960′s baton twirler uniform which I wore to clubs on the regular. My wardrobe was simply overflowing with an array of rainbow coloured clothes…or perhaps costumes is a better way to describe them!

Although it was so much fun to wear a new era everyday, I now consider the longevity of a piece when I make my purchases and only pick things that I absolutely adore.There is something really satisfying about having a wardrobe containing a small number of things that you cherish rather than heaps of different stuff that you may only wear once. Rather than shopping exclusively vintage (or exclusively any style) I now prefer to mix all different things together, from luxury, well crafted pieces to unusual vintage finds and funky high-street items.

The look in this post combines all three of those categories giving a little nod to the flower power of the 1970′s.

Vintage: These bright bakelite bangles were popular in the 1930′s. Bakelite was an early form of plastic and was a popular material for jewelry due to the bright colours available and a more affordable pricepoint than diamonds or gold (as there was little costume jewelry available). They have since become collectors items. There are lots of current styles that have been modeled on this style such as this square bangle by Mikey and this set of bangles by TopShop.


Luxury: CRU kindly sent me this beautiful ‘Old Nichol Backpack’. I could tell as soon as I unwrapped the big red parcel that I would cherish it forever. Hours of traditional craftsmanship have gone into the making of this piece and the luxury leather is fully lined with suede.

It was designed in London then handcrafted, stitch-by-stitch and seam-by-seam by a small workshop of skilled Artisans in Portugal. The leather will change and develop character as it ages, like a fine wine. It is great for city break adventures.

20% Discount For LedByLucy Readers: The team at CRU are offering LedByLucy readers a special 20% discount off all orders, simply enter CRU15LBL20 when you reach the final stage of the checkout process. Be sure to check out the Rivington Tote bag too, another favourite of mine.


High Street:  Before purchasing anything pause for a moment and ask yourself: will it last (both style wise and in design), can I think of five or more occasions where I could realistically wear it and do I LOVE it?

I paused to consider these points and concluded that this dress simply had to come home with me. I love the multi-coulored 70′s vibe, it is really well made, comfortable and I could also wear it in winter with tights. #Winner River Island Brown Textured Floral Print Dress 



Wearing: CRU Old Nichol Backpack (use  CRU15LBL20 for 20% discount) / Vintage Bakelite Bangles Similar Here / River Island Brown Textured Floral Print Dress/Chunky Sandals (Similar)

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Lifestyle and Interviews

Operation Organisation – Scarf Hanger

January 18, 2015

LedByLucy-Scarf-Hanger-image1I have a huge collection of vintage silk scarves that take over a whole drawer in my dresser. I am currently in an #operationorganisation mood and am de-cluttering my wardrobe for the new year ahead. I don’t want to throw any of my scarves away as lots of them belonged to my Grandma and I have fond memories of dressing up in them as a little girl. I made a scarf hanger which is perfect as it only takes up the same amount of room as a jacket in your wardrobe.

LedByLucy-Scarf-Hanger-image2LedByLucy-Scarf-Hanger-image3All you need is a coat hanger with a bar across the bottom and a set of shower curtain hooks which are super cheap. You can pick some up here.

Total Wardrobe Care sent me some goodies (including this lovely May Chang essential oils candle) designed to keep wardrobe areas fresh and clothes moth free, which is particularly important with silk and vintage. For tips on caring for your clothes check out the Total Wardrobe Care Blog

LedByLucy-Scarf-Hanger-image4LedByLucy-Scarf-Hanger-image5Suggested Post: Paint Project

Travel & Places

Tea Time at Sugar Junction

January 12, 2015

Tea-Time-at-Sugar-Junction-image1I have been lucky enough to have some extra time off work after the Christmas holidays. So, while everyone else is focusing on #NewYearNewYou I am being pretty naughty and continuing the indulgence!

My friend Kate is visiting from London and we went for tea and cake at Sugar Junction in the Northern Quarter.

Tea-Time-at-Sugar-Junction-image2Tea-Time-at-Sugar-Junction-image3Tea-Time-at-Sugar-Junction-image4Kate and I have known each other since we were 17 and we took a good half an hour to place our order because we had so much catching up to do, I have not laughed so much in a long time!

We finally ordered scones which were served warm with clotted cream and jam. It was delicious. I had Pucker Up Lover tea, a blend of hibiscus flowers, rosehip, strawberry, apple, rose petals, elderberries and orange blossom – it is my favourite.

Tea-Time-at-Sugar-Junction-image5Tea-Time-at-Sugar-Junction-image6If you are visiting Sugar Junction (and I recommend that you do) I suggest avoiding lunch times at the weekend as it gets super busy. The afternoon tea is also amazing.

It was such a lovely lunch date, we both left with tummy ache from laughing so much.

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Lifestyle and Interviews

Paint Project

April 20, 2014


I have a few pieces of inexpensive furniture that have moved around with me from place to place since my university days. They looked ever so sad and dowdy in my new apartment so I decided to give them a colour-pop make-over.


Dulux tester paint pots are brilliant for jazzing up furniture. You’d be surprised at how far the paint from those little pots can go.

I chose Pretty Pink, Lemon Tropics and Mint Macaroon.


Here are a few tips:

  • Clean the surface of the chair/table thoroughly before you start painting. If you paint directly onto dust it will look clumpy and peel within no time
  • Apply a few, light coats of paint. This will avoid brush streaks and drips
  • Be patient and allow each coat to dry completely before starting on the next
  • If any brush hairs get stuck in the paint, remove them quickly with tweezers. If the paint starts to dry before you do this it will look messy
  • Cover all surfaces, even those out of view for a professional finish
  • Wash your brushes in hot soapy water as soon as possible so that they are nice and supple ready for the next project!                                  image

Be warned it is addictive! I only intended on painting a chair and table but ended up getting a little carried away. The drawers of my dressing table are now Pretty Pink!


You can read about my jewellery organisers (as pictured above) in this post.

Fashion & Beauty

The Legacy of The Lucy in Disguise Dress

February 22, 2014

Sarah Owen and her sister Lily Allen opened a vintage boutique named Lucy in Disguise back in 2010.

I had seen the Channel 4 series From Riches to Rags, which followed the pair as they launched the store and I developed a style crush on Sarah.

She wore the most exquisite array of rare Ossie Clark dresses and looked utterly fabulous in every episode.

I popped into the boutique to try on some dresses and fell head over heels in love with a £600, one of a kind vintage dress.


Since trying on the dress I spotted it in Hello magazine, modeled by Myleene Klass and a friend forwarded me the picture below of Lily wearing it at V-festival. Nice hat, Lily.



As if to tempt me further, said dress is now on the homepage of the Lucy in Diguise website! Can you spot it on the brunette at the back?


The dress certainly has history and it’s safe to say that it isn’t a piece of disposable fashion. Perhaps it is worth the £600 after all?