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February 2014

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The Legacy of The Lucy in Disguise Dress

February 22, 2014

Sarah Owen and her sister Lily Allen opened a vintage boutique named Lucy in Disguise back in 2010.

I had seen the Channel 4 series From Riches to Rags, which followed the pair as they launched the store and I developed a style crush on Sarah.

She wore the most exquisite array of rare Ossie Clark dresses and looked utterly fabulous in every episode.

I popped into the boutique to try on some dresses and fell head over heels in love with a £600, one of a kind vintage dress.


Since trying on the dress I spotted it in Hello magazine, modeled by Myleene Klass and a friend forwarded me the picture below of Lily wearing it at V-festival. Nice hat, Lily.



As if to tempt me further, said dress is now on the homepage of the Lucy in Diguise website! Can you spot it on the brunette at the back?


The dress certainly has history and it’s safe to say that it isn’t a piece of disposable fashion. Perhaps it is worth the £600 after all?


Lifestyle and Interviews

Operation Organisation – Jewels in Jam Jars

February 20, 2014

I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to jelwery and as an ex-visual merchandiser, I am always looking for neat new ways to organise my nest of necklaces.

Here is a little tip to help de-tangle your treasures…





I used re-cycled mason jars to store my rings, broaches and bracelets. Not only do they look pretty but I can see exactly what pieces I have and then pick them out right away.

See more of my dressing table here.

Fashion & Beauty, Lifestyle and Interviews

How to Host Your Own Clothes Swap Party

February 15, 2014

Clothes swap 1

Hello! This is my very first blog post here on Led by Lucy and it is dedicated to the art of clothes swap parties.

Hosting parties is a bit of a hobby of mine, but clothes swap parties are an all time favourite. Who doesn’t want to party with friends and leave with a bundle of new threads, all the while knowing that you are doing your bit for good old Mother Earth!?

Keeping our carbon footprint dainty can be difficult in a world of disposable fashion. Swapping is a much greener and far more ethical way of updating your wardrobe, and its super fun too!

clothes swap 3

Here are my top tips for hosting your own:

  1. Set the Date, Send the Invitation and Choose a Charity…

Top tip – When setting the date I always try to give guests at least two months notice, so that they have time to trawl through their wardrobes and select the items that they want to swap

  • Setting a limit of items people can bring helps to keep things manageable and means people will bring good quality pieces. I usually suggest five items per person at a small party and three at larger parties
  • If you’re short on hangers, ask that guests bring clothes already on one
  • Choose a charity close to your heart to donate any remaining items to, Ichose Wigan and Leigh Hospice at my latest party
  • If you want your invites to fit with the sustainable ethos of the event, send your invites over email

The Set Up…

If your hosting a large party and have the luxury of two rooms,  usher your guests into one room with music, drinks and nibbles. Take the clothes into the other room and keep it closed until the swapping commences.

  • Hang everything up onto rails, in three sections labeled small, medium and large (if you don’t have rails you could use a clothes horse or washing line)
  • Have an accessories table for shoes, handbags and jewelry

The Rules: If you brought Primark Don’t Take Prada!…

Once everyone has arrived and your goodies are all set up, its almost time to ‘swap till you drop’. 

  • If you don’t have enough mirrors, getting into pairs or ‘style buddies’ to advise each other can be fun
  • I usually set one golden rule: If you brought Primark don’t take Prada!
  • Go swap!

clothes swap 2