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September 24, 2015


LedByLucy-Golf-2Golf, pool and ping-pong, not my scene. And when I say not my scene, I mean I suck at them and losing is boring. But as my Grandma always said ‘only boring people get bored’ and I totally agree. In our new home city there is a ping pong table in every park and most bars too. So I’ve been trying harder to enjoy that kind of shizzle and much to my surprise, it’s working! We even played shuffleboard the other day (I’d never even heard of it to start with) and it was so much fun. I scored a 4 (the highest mark) which potentially helped a little.

These photos were taken in Portinatx Ibiza, you can read more about the trip here.



Fashion & Beauty


September 17, 2015


At university my friends used to call me Lipstick Lucy. Day or night, rain or shine, I wore bright red lipstick. It became my signature (literally, I would sign cards with it).

I love how glamourous it makes you feel. If you’ve only got minutes to get ready just throw on a pair of shades, a lick of red lipstick and you’re already looking fabulous!

The thing about red lipstick is that it’s pretty high maintenance. Did you ever see that meme, going to a party like Audrey Hepburn and coming home like Courtney Love? We’ve all been there. Occasionally I’ll come across an old photo from a uni night out voguing on the dance floor with it smudged all over my face and I cringe. But we learn from our mistakes and I’ve pretty much perfected my red lipstick game over time.


Here are my top tips to wearing ruby red lipstick like a pro without a single smudge in sight:

  • Preen your pout – Its a little like DIY, the smoother the surface the better the paint goes on. Moisturise your lips daily with a simple lip salve and use a gentle lip exfoliater such as the Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub. A dry toothbrush is also an excellent way to exfoliate your lips.
  • Line and seal – Lipliner is compulsory if you are wearing a deep shade of lipstck. You can get a clear or nude pencil if you are worried about a 90’s two toned look. If your lipstick is super oily or you know you’re having a night where re-applying just isn’t an option, then you can use a lip sealer. Most of them sting and feel incredibly chemical, like a coat of plastic! I doubt it is very good for you (one day we might look back and gasp that it was once legal) but it works, your lipstick will not budge.
  • Damage Control – Pop some make-up removal wipes and a compact mirror in your handbag just in case smudging occurs. If you try to neaten up your lipstick using tissues the colour will bleed and look messy. Remember to check your pout regularly and don’t forget your teeth!
  • Pack in Preparation – Always remember to take your lipstick with you so you can top it up regularly. I hate it when I am wearing bright lipstick and forget to pack it.
  • Sip with a straw – To avoid losing your lippy on a glass.
  • Pick your product – Just like moisturisers and lotions, lipsticks sit differently on each skin type. A brand that works for one person may not work for everyone. I have tried everything from designer to drugstore. For day-wear my secret weapon is the Colour Crush by Body Shop range. Coral Cutle, my favourite shade is pictured in this post, is super light and comfortable to wear: it feels like a lip balm. For the evening I prefere a dramatic deep red. Mac Ruby WOO is the same shade that Dita Von Teese wears and while I find it very high maintenance the amazing colour is worth it.


Kisses, Lucy x

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September 10, 2015
There are so many different kinds of fashion blogs. At one end of the scale are those that share their daily rants and raves from their bedrooms, accompanied by iPhone snaps with #NoFilter realness. Then at the opposite end of the scale is Rebecca’s blog, The Clothes Horse. Her ethereal posts are carefully curated using the woodlands and beaches of Northern Ireland as the backdrop for her stylised photography. Scrolling through her posts is like reading a never ending fairy tale with daily doses of magic.

I caught up with Rebecca to find out about how she became the protagonist in her own online fairy-tale, what she dreamed of doing when she was growing up, the thought process that goes into creating a post and what her dream shoot would look like…

Your photographs always seem to tell a story. Some remind me of fairy tales, others vintage fashion photography and then stylised films too. What is the process that you go through to create these looks and themes? 
Part of it just happens organically. I watch a lot of old films and I read a lot growing up so these influences are still with me. Sometimes I’m just out on a walk and I see something and it’s very fairytale-esque, I don’t have to plan the image it just happens. It probably helps that I’m an American and I just moved to Northern Ireland; I see things differently than a local who drives by rock walls and castle ruins every day, for me it’s very old world and romantic while to them it’s just mundane. Being new to an area always helps, you see things more romantically than the locals and since I grew up moving every few years I’m sort of constantly in the state of being new and appreciating my surroundings because I’m not accustomed to them. If I break down the process then it usually starts with an outfit; once I have the outfit I think about what sort of settings would highlight it and then I go for a walk–I have some images in my mind but I also walk around and see what I can find. Sometimes I had a flowering bush in mind for a set and when I get there the plant died or the light is wrong, so I just walk or ride my bicycle a little farther and try to find a better fit. If I lived in a city I think my style would be completely different because I do pick out clothes thinking “this would work in the woods/countryside” or more literally I’d look at stilettos and think “where am I going to wear those?” because so many of the roads I walk along are dirt or gravel.
What was your dream job as a 17 year old?
I wanted to be a “fine artist;” in my head that was really the dream to make a living doing art but the sort of art that belongs in museums and exhibitions. Even back then I remember my art teacher recommending that I look into illustration because she thought it suited my talents and interests more, but I felt it wasn’t as “cool” and “special” as fine art back then! Of course shortly after that my family moved and the next school I attended didn’t really have any art program so when college rolled around I was completely off the art track and trying to find a new goal! Now I’d probably love to get into illustration!
If you had access to an unlimited budget what would your dream shoot look like?
Oh gosh there are so many dream shoots I’d love to do. The wardrobe would probably be Valentino, the location would probably be Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany (it looks like a Disney castle), and I’d love to get some of Tim Walker’s old props out for it as well! He’s created giant moths, cameras, and monsters for some of his shoots and I’d love to borrow a few for my own pictures. That’s really the next level–finding a way to create giant props to use but I wouldn’t even know where to store them once I built them!
 So if ever you are in need of a little bit of sparkle on a dull day you know where to head.
For those of you that are new to LedByLucy you may want to have a nosy at the People and Projects section of my blog where I regularly feature interviews with inspirational women working within the creative field. You may also like the Fashion and Beauty section which does what it says on the shoe box 😉
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September 3, 2015

LedByLucy-HelloParty (10)Capture

Just two years ago my sisters and I all lived in the same city together. We absolutely loved it. We could all see each other at the drop of a hat. We partied, swapped clothes, ate out, cooked in and watched films together all of the time.

Now we live all over the place, in different cities and countries. This just means that our get-togethers are super special and have taken on a whole new meaning now.

Our lovely step-sister recently got married in Guernsey and we all flew out to celebrate. We were so excited to see each other. She looked absolutely stunning, it was such a happy day. We played boules and croquet on the lawn and danced until the early hours of the morning.

Whenever there is a party I always love decorating. For Charlotte’s gift I had a Hello Party bundle made for her.

LedByLucy-Wedding-Gift (78)

LedByLucy-Wedding-Gift (100)

LedByLucy-Wedding-Gift (80)

She had gorgeous engagement photographs taken and I knew I wanted to incorporate them into her gift somehow. With Hello Party I had personalised posters, banners, bunting and keepsakes made. I picked the ‘rustic watercolour‘ theme then personalised it with colours to match the bouquet.  I presented her with the bundle a few days before the wedding and she had them all on display on the big day.


LedByLucy-HelloParty (7)

I love a good wedding. They bring everyone together to celebrate. The day after we hired mountain bikes and rode all around the coastline. Gurnsey is a picturesque little island and we were lucky enough to have sunshine for the whole time we were there.

We had the wedding blues when the party was over and we all went our separate ways, but it just makes us all the more excited for our next get together.

I hope that you guys have had some good weddings and parties to go to with your loved ones this season too.

Photo credit: First two and last one by PhotoToasty (the others are my own)

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