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October 22, 2015

LedByLucy-Berlin-Autumn (3)

ledbylucy-gordes-autumnBerlin spoiled me rotten this summer with the most glorious sunshine every day. As a result of the hot weather I have been biking everywhere and so I was less than impressed when the Autumn showers suddenly sprung upon us. Although the rain can be annoying, I am enjoying the stark contrast in seasons. This feels like the most vivid Autumn that I have ever experienced. It helps that I live really close to a huge forest, so every weekend we go for a bike ride and see the leaves change from green to orange. As we are so new to this city we don’t ever want to waste any time indoors. We just want to get out there and explore.

Ayten from The Berlinner Post and I had arranged to go out to Kreuzberg for the day to work on a photography project. Ayten loves it there because it is a creative center of Berlin with a great mixture of art and street-life. The rain that day just wouldn’t stop but we didn’t let it stop us. We took shelter in Knofi, a Turkish bakery and restaurant which has totally embraced Autumn. It is so cozy with fluffy blankets, baskets of pumpkins and a deli counter overflowing with freshly baked patties, falafel and tiramisu. I am desperate to go back there and show Nick.

LedByLucy-Berlin-Autumn (10)LedByLucy-Berlinner-PostThe photographs of me in this post were taken by The Berliner Post, you must check out Ayten’s Instagram page for a daily dose of fantastic Berlin photography.

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