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I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain.

November 3, 2016


I’m missing my Grandparents immensely today. My best friend has recently lost her Grandad and is preparing her reading for the funeral.  As a result I re-visited the eulogy which I wrote with my family and read at my Grandparent’s funeral. Naturally it evoked lots of special memories and a deep sadness that they are gone.

I remember writing the eulogy with my sisters, Aunty and Mum. We sat around the dining room table with a suitcase of old photographs. Each telling stores about them whilst laughing and crying, with a glass of wine in hand. By the end of the night the speech was written.

When I got to the church the vicar held my hand and said God would give me strength. I did indeed feel strength and read each word without falter. It felt so powerful reading those words to a church full of hundreds of people who had the up-most respect for my Grandparents.
They were a wonderfully wholesome couple who had a huge influence on the lives of my sisters and I, along with many other people that knew them.
Sadly they both passed away within days of each other and we had a joint funeral for them. The Rector said during the service: “Their lives were so bound up in each other – and they have left this world together. They did everything together and looking after their grandchildren was one of their greatest joys.”

He went on to say: “I have been amazed at the number of people who stopped me in the street to tell me of the passing of this wonderful couple and each and every one had wonderful memories of them.”

Though I am thankful that they both lived until 73 and had fulfilling lives, it never feels like the right time to lose someone you love.
Everyone suffers the loss of a loved one at some stage during their lives, it is heartbreaking that special people must leave us. But my goodness, how lucky we are to have had people like that in our lives in the first place. If death teaches us one thing, it is to live.

The title of this post is of course a quote from Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep a beautiful poem written in 1932 by Mary Elizabeth Frye.

With love X


Unexplained Pauses

June 1, 2016

There have been a few unexplained pauses on LedByLucy. Here’s why: A “one off” heart problem that I suffered from began to return regularly. In early May it got quite scary, and I had to get operated on.

Luckily the hospital closest to me at the time specialised in hearts and the care I received was exemplary. Technology is so advanced and doctors are so skilled, it is unbelievable what can be done. Plus, the body has an amazing ability to heal, we are like real life X-men!

The operation was a success, but it’s taking me a good while while to find my feet again and heal. I just haven’t felt like blogging.
I haven’t been able to make up my mind whether to share this news here, because it’s so personal and I don’t want it to define my life in any way. But after much consideration I decided that I should, because life isn’t always sunny. I may always pick only my favourite photos to share on the blog, but at the end of the day this is real life, and shit like this happens.

One thing that has come out of the experience is that it’s opened my eyes to the fact that I need to fully commit to making Berlin my home. Rather than it being somewhere I stay for long periods of time, because my partner works here. So my goal is to make a really good go of integrating myself in Berlin and committing to it.

So that’s where I have been. My family and friends have been a huge support, particularly my Mum and boyfriend. Here’s to real life, the curveballs it throws and the resilience of the human body. X



January 11, 2016

LedByLucy-Adventure -Berlin (7)In 2015 blogging took on a whole new meaning for me. Throughout the year I began spending more and more time nurturing and tinkering away on LedByLucy. And like any craft, the more focus and attention I was able to give my blog, the more I began to learn and the more rewarding it became.

Whilst writing this post I also took a moment to reminisce on some of my blogging achivements, because life moves so quickly and we are often racing towards a deadline or wondering if the work we are doing is good enough. Sometimes I think it’s important to just pause for a moment and see how far we have come, and to be kind to ourselves.

So here are your favourite posts of 2015:

ledbylucy-elsieandemma1. Business Women Of The Blogosphere An insight into my favourite bloggers and how they operate as an online business, featuring: A Beautiful Mess, The Londoner and InTheFrow. This post had record breaking readership figures after it was given the seal of approval by the bloggers featured.

LedByLucy-Wicked UK-Ashleigh-Gray (13)

2. Interview With Ashleigh Gray, Wicked’s Leading Lady Success, everyone wants it but how does it really feel? My interview with Wicked’s leading lady Ashleigh Gray explains all.

LedByLucy-January-Treats-image33. French Connection and Faux Fur My first ever blog post using my fancy camera. This post was a turning point for me as a blogger, the camera meant that I had the freedom and tools to bring my ideas to life. I was so happy with the pictures and I think that this post will always be one of my favorites.


4. Hotel Living Fresh off the boat it was touchdown time in Berlin. With daily fresh linen and Crème Brûlée on tap, I was a fan of hotel living!

LedByLucy-Poppy-ASOS-image55. Poppy Print OOTD This outfit of the day post features a pretty poppy print dress, a heart shaped handbag and Bloody Marys.

LedByLucy-Ibiza-Swim (6)6. Ibiza In A Clamshell Ibiza has so many beautiful coves and beaches, here are my favourites.

LedByLucy-Lake 7. Müggelsee Lake Berlin’s natural and man-made coastal alternatives.

LedByLucy-Chester-England (17)8. Chester: Stopping To Smell The Roses My last blog post before I started a new chapter was all about recognising and enjoying the little things in life.

LedByLucy-Nhow-Berlin-Blogger9. Nhow Berlin Review A sunny lunch date on the terrace at Berlin’s music and lifestyle hotel.

LedByLucy-Mothers-Day-image310. Mothers Day OOTD I headed over to Chester to celebrate Mother’s Day with my number one lady. A post which also featured on the Topshop website.

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